Gouache and oil paintings. Click the images for more information.

Fulton Series, 2
View From Orvieto
Fulton Series, 1
Nautili 2
Fulton Series, 3
Green Whirl
View From Orvieto II
Island on Lago Bolsena, Reverse
Orange and Silver School
View From Orvieto III
Firefly Squid
Island on Lago Bolsena
Life Preservers
Blue Whirl
Black Cap Basslets
Statue, Rome
Sea Pigs
Giant Arapaimas
Spider Crab
Brittle Stars
Kendall and Sweet Bea
Albino Tiger Barbs
Horticultural Society Statue
Black Moor Goldfish
Light Across the Delaware: Morning
Yosemite Creek
Light Across the Delaware: Afternoon
Purple Vine
Magenta Fish
Wissahickon Waterfall
Melissa's Orange Fish
Squirrelfish (ish)
Bioluminescent Squid No. 1
Blue Fish Cigar Box
Squid No. 3
Masked Butterflyfish
White Cows
Orange Fish
Green Fish
Red Fish
California Horse ii
Cats No. 1
Boy in Water
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Giant Arapaimas

Oil on canvas. 2017. 60" x 56". Sold. Photo credit to JM Conway

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